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weekly blog no1

weekly blog no1

YAY first stampin up sale… just had to say lol

so far this week ive been in bed lol Fibro Beast hit and decided id done enough go to sleep.
I have a craft to do list as long as my arm
post a PLP to america (ill post pics) i have done a vid but havent edited yet.
Two more Uk PLPs to finish
A wedding card
a few Haul videos
Ive been waiting for a new camera and it arrived yesterday !! YAy.. so fingers crossed it is magnifico..
Ive been watching loads of talented artists/crafters on youtube and i want to give a shout out to theartsherpa aka Cinnamon Cooney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6g-B2_HrIE

She is so wonderful i could watch for hours and i have lol, she makes me want to paint which ive never really considered since secondary school. She makes me laugh so much as well and she just has this wonderful soul. So i highly recommend you check out this lady… ps i want her hats.

i then have to finish doing my first grandchilds mini album.. which ive been collecting so much stuff for i could do several lol.
Im thinking of starting an etsy shop when i get some health improvement too…
Brains just buzzing with things i want to do… so keep an eye out craftmates.. (trying out some names for you all lol)