My First try at Art Journaling


Well i’m quite proud of my first attempt at Mixed media art journalling.I really enjoyed myself and learnt a couple of lessons on the way. I started with a verse i copied from FB and went with it.Now i cant wait to do some more…….


So who did make a card like that?


Ive been lucky enough to win the Blog candy from Craft Range. Gillian, for those who dont know, works in the shop and is really known for her amazing talents with jewellery making. The cards she made for this are out of this world, crafty talented lady!She is also a great Blog

Good Afternoon

Well the blog candy has been drawn and the winner is
“The Grumpy Old Crafter”

Congratulations and this lovely bag of goodies is all yours.

Blog Candy 001

I have to say this was a hard blog candy to win, not many guessed who had made it and it was Gillian. x

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Feeling sad


My babies have gone to the cattery for their holidays, complete with food, toys, grooming kit and ..yes.. their own passports. i made them both a mini mini album with pictures of them in. Tags with notes on their likes and dislikes and space to put pictures of them in that Carly will take for me of them in the cattery.

Jasmine made a bid for freedom as soon as her carry basket was opened and Ebony didnt even poke her head out. Its the first time they have been in the cattery so im anxious. Jasmine hated having to stay at the vets for one night when she had to have her teeth out!!

Jasmine is my big baby, a ragdoll. We got her from a farm that had over bred her and she was a mess when she arrived at her forever home. She walked into our house as if she owned it straight away lol.She had no clue what toys where but soon learned and still has her favourite toy Lamby which she often ;;hunts;; and brings to me. During my long term ill health i regulaly have to stay in bed for days at a time and she never leaves my side other than to eat and use her litter tray.

Ebony.. Well ebs is also a rescue cat. Some evil idiot had cut all her whiskers and done god knows what else to her. I knew when i took her on it would be a long haul job. She has been worth it even if she and jazzy have a daily spat. Its been a year and a half since we got her and i can just about pick her up for a cuddle. We have gone on her time scale. she is soo funy though. Each morning she waits by her dish and if im not quick enough she tries to hurry me up by nipping my ankles little horror lol. if she wants a stroke she comes and paws you, if you stop and she isnt ready for you to stop you get a gentle nip. She is turning out to be quite a character. she now has beautiful long whiskers!!!

I am missing my girlies so much already

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My ”not so mini” mini paper bag mini

My ”not so mini” mini paper bag mini

Well yesterday i got on with my book, pretty pleased so far. I messed up quite a lot on the spine s but as its for us I reckon it will be ok as only i will know..and you lot so ”shhsshhhhhh” dont tell on me lol.

It is far from finished but i wanted to share so far re pics.I love the front and back covers so i wont be over doing it with decorations. I thought id try and find an old medal to mount on it or maybe a compass embellishment.

The inside cover will have a picture of my grandpa who fought in WW2. Miss him still bless him. he was such a wonderful man.

Im thinking what to do inside re waterfalls etc. I have a load of paraphanalia to put in from our trip so maybe some mini albums inside the pockets.I wrote diaries on both trips in the style of ‘Allo Allo” so I will be pasting some of those pages in.

I have maps i made for the trip so Im going to age those and use them as paper for the huge tags i have made.

Really having to think about how to display badges and coins. I dont want to glue them in so wondering about making acetate pockets on the larger flaps…any ideas? feel free to share!!!

The really big bags where a bit of a challenge for my first mini really but i think they turned out not too bad. Anyway hope you like the album so far.

Happy crafting peeps xxx


My mad life 1


Well due to my continuing illness and chronic pain probs ive been very slow on the blog but im watching more you tube tutorials than ever and i soo cant wait till i am well enough to get started. i am playing around with my Normandy ”not so mini”paper bag album inspired by Jane at Velocityvette 08 on utube. The brain is so slow though due to the morphine its taking me loads of time to think about colour co-ordinating etc.

Gearing up for War and Peace in haven’t got a lot of room in the car due to Mr Perfects army paraphernalia!! So i’m taking my spectrum noir pens and pencils (i got the whole set for my birthday this Friday)to practise with. Printed out all practise sheets so I’ll have plenty to do.
When my girlies asked what i wanted for my bday i asked if they could finish tidying my new craft room up so i can use it. Im going to have a camera set up so i can show off my own work on utube too! So pretty excited about that.