My ”not so mini” mini paper bag mini

My ”not so mini” mini paper bag mini

Well yesterday i got on with my book, pretty pleased so far. I messed up quite a lot on the spine s but as its for us I reckon it will be ok as only i will know..and you lot so ”shhsshhhhhh” dont tell on me lol.

It is far from finished but i wanted to share so far re pics.I love the front and back covers so i wont be over doing it with decorations. I thought id try and find an old medal to mount on it or maybe a compass embellishment.

The inside cover will have a picture of my grandpa who fought in WW2. Miss him still bless him. he was such a wonderful man.

Im thinking what to do inside re waterfalls etc. I have a load of paraphanalia to put in from our trip so maybe some mini albums inside the pockets.I wrote diaries on both trips in the style of ‘Allo Allo” so I will be pasting some of those pages in.

I have maps i made for the trip so Im going to age those and use them as paper for the huge tags i have made.

Really having to think about how to display badges and coins. I dont want to glue them in so wondering about making acetate pockets on the larger flaps…any ideas? feel free to share!!!

The really big bags where a bit of a challenge for my first mini really but i think they turned out not too bad. Anyway hope you like the album so far.

Happy crafting peeps xxx


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