My mad life 1


Well due to my continuing illness and chronic pain probs ive been very slow on the blog but im watching more you tube tutorials than ever and i soo cant wait till i am well enough to get started. i am playing around with my Normandy ”not so mini”paper bag album inspired by Jane at Velocityvette 08 on utube. The brain is so slow though due to the morphine its taking me loads of time to think about colour co-ordinating etc.

Gearing up for War and Peace in haven’t got a lot of room in the car due to Mr Perfects army paraphernalia!! So i’m taking my spectrum noir pens and pencils (i got the whole set for my birthday this Friday)to practise with. Printed out all practise sheets so I’ll have plenty to do.
When my girlies asked what i wanted for my bday i asked if they could finish tidying my new craft room up so i can use it. Im going to have a camera set up so i can show off my own work on utube too! So pretty excited about that.

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